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The Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association (ATSSA) is a group of fleet maintenance professionals actively running light, medium, and heavy fleets in the province of Ontario and operating across Canada and the U.S.

The purpose of the A.T.S.S.A is to provide information and expert advice by manufacturers, to people responsible for the maintenance of trucking fleets.

Membership in the A.T.S.S.A is open to fleet superintendents and those with a primary interest in the maintenance and care of truck fleets. Regular Membership is open to someone that works in the trade, Associate and Affiliate Membership is open to original equipment manufacturers and allied industry suppliers.

We have improve our Web Site to include View & Download of the ATSSA (Toronto Chapter) upcoming events & Downloads of forms;

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Ladies Night Dance Feb 23, Ticket application and Sponsors donation forms


For information on the Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar, ( Select CFMS ATSSA tab in the left column on this page.

For Volvo Award Fleet Maintenance Manager of the Year  tab under the left column of page, select the logo open Click To Nominate for online Volvo forms & information to Nominate.

ATSSA  MAP 32 Apprenticship Scholarship Awards (Media Release)

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